Do you have a business idea?

Our “support team” has a lot of experience from working with numerous projects and business ideas. Our mission is to provide the support for a promising business concept/idea, so that you can reach your goal in a safe and timely manner. So do you have a business idea or something that you are passionate about (i.e., a hobby)? If so we would love to hear from you, since this can be a good starting point to establish a business.

If you know your area well, but worrying over your lack of capital and support, please contact us and we can help you out will all such concerns.

From idea to reality?

For over 20 years now we have accumulated and generated a number of ideas and projects that we feel have a great commercial future. These ideas are waiting for the right person who can work with them and make them a success story. This is to say, that we can support individuals who wish to start their own business but lack of a good business idea. We are looking for people who want to determine their own working day and want something more than to just being employed by someone else.

As a leader you must be able to excel and have the opportunity to be recognized within the industry you work in. This can be time consuming; however, it is very important component of enjoying a successful career. We envision that you are confident in yourself and with a strong inner motivation to make a contribution to the business world and community as a whole.


Who can apply?

There are no restrictions on whom can apply, so do not be afraid to share your idea with us. We strongly encourage you to take on the first steps towards realising your dream. In principle we are looking for people and ideas that can think outside of the box and are eager to work on their idea.

Apply now!

We can help you with the following

Business Knowledge
A network of contacts
Space to work
Coffee & Tea

What we do

At Startup:You we professionally evaluate your idea and we’ll do everything that is takes for you to succeed. Over the last 20 years we have met a lot of charismatic and promising entrepreneurs. However, what can be challenging to everyone new to the business world is accessing the right contacts, networks and knowledge. This is where we can help you with. Throughout our history we have been involved in over twenty start-ups, which all share great commercial successes. This kind of commercial experience, as well as our access to teams that possess the right “knowhow” in the business world, are our main tools that we use to make every business ideas successful stories.

Who we are

Startup:You is an innovative team of experts who assist entrepreneurs and individuals who want to start something special. Our team consists of financial and organizational members of staff, as well as strategy and marketing professionals. In some cases, when necessary, we are in a position to hire additional experts to assist you with your subject area. Our journey started in 1981 with the vision that many can relate to, a strong desire to drive something special. Today we are fortunate enough to help others in the same situation to realize a dream with a vision and desire to create something.